Chrome extension usage


  1. Chrome browser
  2. Version from 1.0 ->


Get the extesion from the chrome extension store, here.
  1. After install there will appear SunChat icon.
  2. Click right mouse button on icon and choose options
  3. Enter url address where live helper chat is installed without trailing slash. E.g (make sure you use your address)
    1. If SCis installed in subdirectory path should look like
    2. if SC is installed as subdomain just enter
  4. Click save
  5. After clicking save icon should change to P, now just click an icon and login. If you do not wish to login each time you run computer. Just check a checkbox remember me.
  6. Also to see chrome notifications you can in your application grant permision to show notifications.

Icons meanings

  1. F - extensions is not configure, click right mouse button and choose options
  2. P - extension is not logged to Live Helper chat, click popup and login
  3. no text - extension is logged and there are no pending chats
  4. number - shows number of pending chats
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