Chat Widget theming and modifications

For changing your chat widget theme, follow this quide.

From the Dashboard navigate into Settings>Chat configuration> Under Theming group >Widget themes

If you are going to make new theme, click New button, and you should be now here (picture below)

SunChat, add new chat widget theme

Here you can change everything you want to do for your new widget style. Color, Size, Images, CSS, Texts, etc.. Once you have made all needed changes for your new style it's time to save your new theme and go forward.
After theme is saved and you like to publish it on your website, please navigate from the Dashboard here  Settings> Embed code.  Click under Live help embed code group >  Widget Embed Code  Fill your general information, then Click Design tab where you can see Theme dropdown. Choose your new theme and copy the code from the text area to the page where you want your status to appear.

SunChat, add new chat widget add

  • Chat Widget theming and modifications
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