Download and runme.php to your computer.  Please read the README.txt file.
( Ioncube or Zend optimized is your software in archive and runme.php is for the making setup a bit more faster & easier) Please make sure what version you need, Ioncube or Zend from your hosting provider, before the installation.

Upload or  and  runme.php into your website both in same place, desired location where you want to use your SunChat livechat software. (For cPanel users we recommend to use filemanager for uploading or  and runme.php, you can use FTP or any other method too)

For the installation, you will need one MySQL database and database user for db with all user rights. If you don't know how to create one please refer this guide for creating MySQL database (cPanel)

After the DB is set and you have and runme.php uploaded and ready in your server, it's time to go forward.

Go to with browser to your webserver   http://your_domain_com/runme.php   and follow the screen information, this will unzip your files and you can go forward to final installation itself.

Go to with browser to "NAME_OF_YOUR_DOMAIN/sunchat/index.php/"
Follow the screen instructions and grant all permissions for the installation that is needed, when everything is ready, and you have green light, go forward.

Enter database settings. Database have to be precreated.

In next step, you will see initial application settings. You can change all these settings also after the installation from your SunChat settings.

After clicking Finish installation you should see the "Installation was completed, Login here" sign.
Installation is ready and you can login to your new software and start to manage / setup chat widgets to your website.

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